Yakup Bayrak


Founder at DAM Start-up Studio, SHERPA, SHERPA Blog and ciz.io. Keynote speaker on UX, design, innovative business models and digital transformation.


Here are the systems I designed and founded.

DAM Startup Studio

Company Builder CompanyStartup Studio

DAM Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. was established in May 2010, in order to support and create commercial and non-commercial projects that run on the internet and to help digital products emerge from ideas and to establish businesses based on sustainable innovation.


UX Design Studio

An award winning UX design studio, with a unique homemade business model DaaS (Design as a Service), serving both local and international SMEs and startups from a diverse set of industries.


MediaCommunity Portal+1

Started as like yet another corporate blog and turned out to be Turkey's one and only member only experience design community hub, publishing articles, interviews, e-books and lists on design and organizing live and on-demand webinars.



SaaS where entrepreneurs can easily turn their ideas into business models and share them.

I ♥ to design systems and share my experiences.

Keynote Speaking


Winning without sharing makes no sense. Keynotes speeches on user experience design, designing systems and business models and digital transformation allow me to share what I've experienced, learned and where I failed. I think this is the best way to inspire and guide.

I ♥ to write about what I experienced, learned and distilled from life on Medium and SHERPA Blog

Interested in my keynotes?

I'm always open to share what I've learned, experienced, succeeded in and how I failed.